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Pro Cleaners London’s professional services includes the maintenance of private households, industrial buildings and offices, and other commercial premises. This means having all areas such as floors, walls, ceilings, windows and other interior elements scrubbed with the utmost care. Over the years, our name has become synonymous with maximum care and reliability!

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What does a deep cleaning mean?


The nature and scope of the deep cleaning is based on the state of the object that is to be worked at, the specific requirements of the materials, flooring and surfaces, as well as the wishes of the custom
er. Special value is given not only to the look and hygiene, but also to the care and maintenance of the premises and the facilities.

A deep cleaning is characterized by a particularly thorough sanitation of the property, and it is normally advised to be performed several times a year. Good examples are End of Tenancy or Spring Cleaning. In addition to the standard sanitation or washing of floors, walls, ceilings and furniture, with these services other interior elements – much harder accessible ones – are carefully cleared of dirt and dust.

This may include among other things:

  •  the wiping of cabinets and radiators;
  •  the harder-to-reach areas behind the furniture –
  •  all corners and nooks get freed of dust bunnies, lint and other dirt particles;
  •  professional glass and windows washing and brushing – inner and outer frame included;
  •  a meticulous carpet washing, sealing or coating floorings;
  •  as well as all services which are normally performed within a typical household or office cleaning.

What our Clients Say about our One Off Cleaning

-Our one off cleaning was exceptional! The team arrived on time and worked quickly and efficiently to deep clean our home. They did a fantastic job tackling tough stains and grime, leaving our home looking and smelling fresh. We're so grateful for their hard work!
Francesca A.
-I'm so impressed with the one off cleaning we received! The team did an amazing job, paying close attention to every detail and leaving no stone unturned. Our home looked and smelled incredible, and it was such a relief to have a deep clean without doing it ourselves.
Isabella H.
-The one off cleaning was a lifesaver for us! The team was professional, efficient, and did an amazing job cleaning our home from top to bottom. Their cleaners were able to tackle areas that we never had the time or energy to clean properly. Thank you!
Sam Turnbull
-The one off cleaning service exceeded our expectations! The team was professional, friendly, and incredibly thorough. They did a deep clean of every room in our home, leaving it spotless and fresh. It was such a relief to have our home completely cleaned in just one visit.
Ben O'Connor

Who carries out the deep cleaning?

At Pro Cleaners London, we employ carefully our personnel and we pay great attention to their expertise and reliability. Regularly held training courses are attended by our staff. This way we can guarantee you the use of most modern sanitation technologies and agents for deep cleaning, along with all other services. All of our associates and managers are accessible at any time and always attend to meet even short-term needs and make suggestions.

The environmental aspect is another crucial goal of Pro Cleaners London, by the use of devices and environmentally friendly products that are adapted individually to the requirements of the premises. This helps both the environment and the welfare and health of our customers and our best assets – our employees.

Sneak a peek at our Prices page and call our client support team for further questions. You can also receive your preliminary free quote by filling out the form listed under Contact us. We are happy to be of any assistance to you – just get in touch with us and let us handle the rest!

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In addition, we, at Pro Cleaners London, are capable and willing to take care of the façade of your building professionally. This means outdoor blinds and, if necessary, the solar and photovoltaic systems. We have on occasion even removed graffiti. If you have any further questions about these specific services, please call 020 3603 3211 and simply ask our friendly office staff. They will be able to give you any additional information, including whether a competent team is currently available.

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