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Pro Cleaners London

Cleaners LondonPro Cleaners London is a leading, established professional cleaning company, situated and operating in the city of London. Years of experience have built our name and our customers – occasional or regular, old and new.

Highest customer satisfaction through flexibility

By providing object-specific solutions, we can give you the best possible cleaning treatment, at a good price and becouse we have different personnel for every service we offer, we can be very flexible. In addition, one of our priorities is preserving the value and the cost-effectiveness of your property, a cost advantage that should not be underestimated. Through individual solutions, we focus on your specific needs and continuously optimize our activity.

Work and cost efficiency

Our experience allows us to perform diverse tasks, according to the wishes of our customers. This makes possible to work out an individual, but highly efficient and cost effective solution for you as a client. With our concept of demand-oriented and economic services, we want to reach the highest customer value and satisfaction.


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We know how important communication is.

The intensive and good contact between customers, employees and management is very important to us. This way we can be pragmatic and respond rapidly to your needs. We do our best to save unnecessary costs and to act quickly and flexibly. To us, this is the only way to form a long-term and mutually profitable partnership with open communication, transparency, performance and joint success.

In short, customers who work with Pro Cleaners London can find a fair and ready for open dialogue partner and consultant in us. We seek a long-term, trust-based cooperation and open communication with our business partners.

Uncompromising quality and environmental awareness

cleanersOur high quality of work is based on appropriate selection of personnel, regular training, the use of reliable and innovative products and latest machinery, and a well structured work organization and the continuous improvement of our work processes and methods.

As a service oriented company we prioritize environmental protection. Therefore we rely more on mechanical cleaning opportunities through innovative materials instead of using chemicals. A secondary aspect of this is the protection of our employees against exposition to harmful chemicals and allergies.

Structured and careful work process is significant to us.

If you are still wondering whether or not you should book an appointment with us, let us explain our work process to you:

  • Step One – you get in touch, either via phone, or e-mail, with our customer support, which is available 16 hours a day, 7 days a week. A detailed description of what you need cleaned will sufice for our employees to offer you a free, not-binding quote. This way you will know right at the start what our services will cost you.
  • Step Two – you inform us what day, time and the location at which you wish the cleaning services performed. Our employees will work out the schedule of our cleaning teams, so that an appointment is made to your best convenience.
  • Step Three – our cleaning team will come to your address at the arranged time. First they will examine the to-be-cleaned object (carpet, general, upholstery, etc.) and will decide what kind of detergents and technique is best suitable.

For example, if you have booked a carpet cleaning, and you rug has not been thoroughly washed for a longer period, it is highly possible that some of the stains are very deeply settled in. Dealing with such stains requires time and energy and it may take a bit longer than originally expected – but removing the impurities is of utmost importance. Another factor, which has a significant role in such a situation, is the fiber length or the type of material of the carpet. We work with leading manufacturers of cleaning utilities and therefore have only high quality steam cleaning machines, which is in most cases the best option for carpet cleaning. During the whole process, our team will do their best to stay out of your way, so that you are able to go about your tasks and responsibilities without being disturbed or interrupted. When they are done, they will leave the premises, and you will be able to enjoy a sparkling clean and fresh looking carpet.

If you are still not convinced that Pro Cleaners London is the best choice for you, give us a call and ask our friendly customer support for further help. They will be happy to assist you with any questions or requests. They are available around the clock, so you can contact them anytime at:

Phone: 020 3603 3211
Alt.Phone 020 8077 2724
E-mail: [email protected]