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Sofas and armchairs are beloved type of furniture that increase the comfort in the living room on a daily basis and are very often the focal point or the room, but also a subject to a heavy use. If you want the furniture to look fresh and well-kept for a longer period, a regular upholstery cleaning is advisable.

We let our work speak for itself.

With our vacuum and steam machines, we are able to remove even deeply set in dirt thoroughly and easily. What is more important, no detergents or other chemical substances are needed with this upholstery cleaning method. In short: for pet owners or people with allergies, a deep cleansing means not only a beautiful look, but also good long-term health benefit.

Our steam washing machines are just as suitable for deep extraction of dirt in mattresses, as well, as these are a nourishing environment for dust mites and bacteria. Moreover, you can enjoy the advantage of chemical-free environment.

The professional recommendation of Pro Cleaners London is that you use the benefits of a deep upholstery washing at least twice or thrice a year. Do not take your health lightly – entrust us with one of the most sensitive cleaning projects in your house!

What Our Clients Say About our Upholstery Cleaning

-Fantastic service! The upholstery looks like new. The team was efficient, professional, and friendly. Highly recommend for anyone looking for a reliable and thorough upholstery cleaning.
Corey Burton
-Efficient, professional, and friendly team. The upholstery looks like new. Highly recommend their fantastic service for anyone looking for reliable and thorough upholstery cleaning.
Cerys Miah
-Excellent upholstery cleaning service! Fast, thorough, and the team was very professional. The results were amazing, and my furniture looks brand new. Highly recommend to all my friends!
Andrew H.
-Outstanding upholstery cleaning service! Prompt, courteous, and highly professional team. The upholstery looks impeccable, and the service exceeded my expectations.
Zara Conway

For a correct upkeep of your upholstered furniture, you can follow these rules and tips, between professional cleaning appointments:

There are some typical household items that can be successfully used as an alternative to the highly harmful detergents: baking soda or teabags, for instance. You can look up different ideas on the internet.

Do not let odors settle into the upholstered furniture – use frequently air freshener sprays – you can even make you own, I you want to avoid the toxic chemicals in store bought sprays. Upholstery stains are often challenging to remove, and it’s crucial to act quickly to avoid permanent damage. If you’re unsure of how to handle a particular stain, it’s always best to seek professional help.

If you cause a stain by accident, do not let it sit for too long before treating it. If you spill coffee or red wine, you should best try to take them out immediately. If the stain turns out to be a stubborn one, do not hesitate, and give us a call – our cleaners are available day and night, and will be glad to assist you at any time.

Why should I have my upholstery cleaned on a regular basis?

– deeply settled dirt is removed thoroughly

– the look of the furniture is preserved for longer

– ugly stains and spots are extracted- animal hairs and harmful mites are get rid of – which is particularly important for people with allergies

Have a look at our prices, but do not forget to request possible combinations that may give you discounts, or about the current deals. Our friendly customer support team will happily provide all information that you need before booking an appointment with Pro Cleaners London.

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