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Domestic Cleaning Services

Domestic Cleaning ServicesHow nice would be to have a private housekeeper that takes care your apartment or your house perfectly all the time? The search for a reliable and trustworthy home help is not always easy. Pro Cleaners London is your competent partner for arranging the best professional teams in the whole London metropolitan region – we offer our service in various locations for your maximum convenience. Whether you need a professional cleaner in Barking, Islington or Southwark for your home, with our company you will find the best housekeepers at the best rates with just a few clicks.

Here are some of the services included in our Domestic Cleaning packages:

  • – Cleaning parquet, laminate and all types of soft or hard floorings;
  • – Wiping surfaces and work surfaces;
  • – Dust mopping and garbage disposal;
  • – Kitchen and cabinets – can be combined with oven or fridge
  • – Shower, bathtub and toilette
  • – Making the beds.

Domestic cleaning of highest quality

The services of Pro Cleaners London are flexible. A domestic service package can be booked once or regularly. Once you have complete trust in your cleaning aid – and we pay special attention to only employing trustworthy people for the job – you can even leave them your home key, so that they can come and properly attend to your home, even when you are away. This way you can go about your responsibilities without disturbances.

Domestic Cleaning ServicesNo matter if you need end of tenancy, one off/spring, or regular maintenance cleaning, Pro Cleaners London is the synonym of trust and security. Before we dispatch one or a team of our professional employees, we have made sure that they have undergone regular and extensive trainings.

Having you house or apartment sparkling and fresh has never been easier before:

  • Tell us when and where you need your cleaning service;
  • Let the professionals tackle the job for you;
  • Relax comfortably while the job is being carried out.

When our teams arrive, you are welcome to discuss the focal points of your cleaning project. In addition to the standard, abovementioned package, there are several more services that you can have done for you. Our customer service will be happy to explain more about them and include them in your free, unbinding quote:

  • – Carpets and rugs;
  • – Windows;
  • – Upholstery;
  • – Mattresses and curtains;
  • – Decluttering;

In order to keep you home in good condition between the visits of our members, or all of the time, if you have opted out for a one off cleaning, you can have a look at our pro tips. Keep your household fresh and in perfect condition all the time, even when our professionals are not around:

  • Keep your rooms well ventilated, particularly the bedrooms;
  • Separate your worn clothes from you fresh ones at all times;
  • Do not let your dish-washer sty full for too long – and avoid foul smells;
  • Swipe regularly your floors;
  • Remove soap and toothpaste stains right after using the bathroom sink;
  • Do not let your possessions just lie around in chaos – instead, put them in their right sport immediately after you stop using them.

Have a peek at our prices for regular cleaning or visit the Prices tab for a full overview, and call us at 020 3603 3211 for booking an appointment at your earliest convenience:

Regular Cleaning Prices: 
per cleaner per hour for 6+ hours a week£9
per cleaner per hour for 3 to 5 hours a week£10
per cleaner per hour for 2 hours a week£11