For a sparkling a beautiful look of your terrace, greenhouse, storage and home façade – book a Jet Wash with Pro Cleaners London!

What is Jet Wash and how is it done?

This is a cleaning method with a high-pressure machine that leaves neither water nor dirt remains on the terrace or the newly blossoming flowerbeds. A high-pressure cleaner is probably the most popular and most helpful tool when it comes to eliminating pollution and dirt from pavement, outside tiling, the house’s facade and garden area. This method is eco-friendly, and besides, it is not only suitable for terraces and outdoors areas, but also for closed premises – such as greenhouses and workshops, where concrete, tiles or similar floor coverings are available – and even walls are particularly easy to clean this way. Her we have listed the most common Jet Wash tasks for commercial buildings, and private homes and gardens:
  • Walkways and squares – effective for cleaning stone slabs of different size and type, green coverings and deep-settled dirt into paving stones or similar tiles.
  • Wooden terraces – the high pressure machine cleans the wood gently and deeply. Especially when spring is just around the corner, a thorough cleaning of your terrace is inevitably if you want it to look inviting and neat. The Jet Wash by Pro Cleaners London is the most time- and cost-efficient way!
  • Patios, pathways and parking spaces – for a complete removal of dirt and grime off paving stone and tiles.
  • Garden tools, garden furniture, grill, etc. – a high pressure cleaning is suitable for furniture and tools made of wood, plastic and metal.
  • Facades and Windows – all paint residues and dirt will be gone with a blink of an eye. Over time, dust, dirt and moss set into surfaces and can cause discoloration. These can be removed with Jet Wash – additionally, it will brighten up the color of your house, without costing you too much money to repaint it.
  • Commercial and industrial premises – high pressure cleaners are used also in this sector. For example on farms, workshops, commercial kitchens or craft businesses.

Ready to Book a Jet Wash Service?

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A Jet Wash with a high-pressure machine is one of the fastest, easiest and affordable cleaning methods for your entire yard, patio and terrace. You can have a look at our prices and request your free quote – as the pricing depends on the square footage of your property, the more detailed description you provide us with, the more accurate our calculations can be.

After you have booked your Jet Wash, you can rest assured that your terrace, patio, façade, etc. will be back to its original condition. At Pro Cleaners London, it is our goal to reach our customers’ highest satisfaction – by employing and investing into further training of skilled and motivated cleaning technicians, and by only using machinery of highest quality and produced by the best industry manufacturers.

Bring your house and yard to its original luster – by calling or sending Pro Cleaners London an e-mail – now!

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