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Disinfection Services

Sanitization and disinfection of any property – on Domestic and Commercial scales

In difficult times like these, we all need to take care of our health and well-being. Cleanliness and disinfection of our homes or working spaces have always been a crucial step in making sure that we stay healthy. Of course it is even more vital to follow strict protocols of sanitation and do your best to protect yourself and your family.

We specialize in biohazard remediation

We have a team of experts that have not only been trained but they also have years of experience in these fields. They know exactly how to disinfect and which areas of a property need extra attention (like frequently touched surfaces). They are doing a great job in trying to protect our customers from COVID-19 but, of course, they are protecting themselves as well. Our team follows strict rules, wears protective suits, gloves and masks.

Our company can offer you full sanitation and disinfection for your home and office in order to maintain your positive vibe and get rid of any dangerous bacteria and germs larking around.

Making the decision to have your office or house fully disinfected by professionals can have a hugely beneficial impact on your health as well as your well-being. We know that many people are easily paranoid and scared by bacteria and a service like ours is able to reduce that stress, knowing that their living space is going to be taken care of and will be well sanitized.

Full Carpet Disinfection

We advise all of our customers to consider having their carpets disinfected as well. In order for a property to be fully safe and free from all of the germs, the carpets need to be disinfected as well.

Carpets are notorious for being magnets for dirt and dust but did you know that they also attract a lot of bacteria? And the bad thing is that all of these unhygienic things are being stored all the way to the base. Our company wants to be able to ensure you a complete disinfection of your home, office, or any other business out there.

We use a special disinfectant that is being sprayed onto the carpet. We let it sit for a while so that the detergent is able to penetrate deep into the carpet and really kill all of the germs that are present. Of course, once this process is done we will wash your carpet so that there is no residue left of the disinfectant.

Fogging against COVID-19?

Have you heard of Fogging Sanitization? It is a great powerful disinfecting method for any property – considering both the indoors and the outdoors of the premises.

After just one visit there will be no trace left of the COVID-19 or any other viruses and germs. Our team uses an industry-approved electrically powered sprayer that they fill with a powerful EN 1276 solution – certified against COVID-19. That’s why fogging is the recommended service for any properties where confirmed cases have been.

We want to clarify that even though the detergent we use is powerful it still hides no risks for the health and is perfectly safe for humans and pets.

Our company can perform fogging in your home or working-space, hospitals, schools, shops, or any other commercial property out there. Not only is the detergent safe for humans but it is also harmless for electrical devices so for those of you that want to book a Commercial Fogging Sanitization for an office where there are a lot of computers, phones, and other electronics as well as multiple hard to reach areas then this service is perfect.

The service is also suitable for any outdoor surfaces, as we previously mentioned – garden, driveway, doors, windows, or even roads.

What about your car?

Since this service can cover any place where you may be in your day-to-day life – your home, office, etc. then aren’t we forgetting one thing? Your car. Sadly, COVID-19 can remain on hard surfaces for a long period of time and your car should also be disinfected. Our team can do that too.