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Cleaners Twickenham

If you have always been sceptical towards licensed cleaning companies, we, at Pro Cleaners Twickenham, will quickly change your mind. Our main speciality is providing clients with insured cleaning services in Twickenham and this is something which we have been doing for a very long time. In fact, we are one of the most vetted businesses in this sector and our vast experience means that you will deal directly with a remarkably organised team. Our prices will shock you not because they are too high but because they are very budget-friendly which will even give you the freedom to opt for some of our additional services.

A guide to our reliable services

We do our best to expand the list of our efficient cleaning services. Given that we are regularly updating our equipment and that we have an exceptionally trained and effective team of cleaners, we are now able to provide you with a bigger than even selection of top-notch cleaning solutions which stand out with their cheap prices. Therefore, we are the people you should call whenever you need:

  • Regular house cleaning – offers consistent quality and it has an attractive starting price of just £9.5 per every hour of cleaning. Clients also get a bonus of 1 additional hour of cleaning when they book our team for a second visitation.
  • Regular office cleaning – hassle-free and fast solution that will enable you to make your office space more welcoming and organised. Boost the productivity of your staff by hiring our personnel on a weekly or fortnightly basis. We can safely sanitise small and large offices in a time-efficient manner.
  • Mattress cleaning – available for barely £19 per mattress. Hire us to clean more than 3 mattresses and we will surprise you with a 10% price reduction. Our team has the training to clean innerspring, hybrid, memory foam, latex and many other types of mattresses.
  • One-off cleaning – a comprehensive deep cleaning service that we can offer to a wide range of customers. This one-time cleaning solution is much more comprehensive and thorough than a regular cleaning service since it covers every area of the property and it includes the cleaning of furniture, carpets, floors and other parts of the property.

We also offer reliable jet washing, end of tenancy cleaning, carpet cleaning and more. For the complete list of our convenient cleaning services, give us a call.

Thorough cleaning services in Twickenham

We, from Pro Cleaners Twickenham, will make your life a lot easier since we organise every cleaning job from A to Z. In addition to that, we are immune to making mistakes because we thoroughly execute every single state of the process. Our health-friendly cleaning services are organised in a rather meticulous way since they go hand in hand with an on-site viewing, customised quotations and detail-oriented cleaning specialists. Although we use green cleaning products, which effectively conquer various kinds of stubborn stains and can restore the appearance of your many of your old upholstery furniture and appliances.

Booking options we offer

Just like our all-round cleaning services, booking us is one quite convenient and easy task. You have two main options through which you can reach us. One of them is via phone and the other is via email. Ring us up or email us – whatever works better for you. Our well-mannered and helpful consultants respond quickly. Don’t be shy and ask them about our latest offers, our pricing or anything else related to our quality cleaning services. They will estimate your costs, schedule an appointment for you and hear out all of your questions and comments.