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Should you clean the carpet yourself or let professionals do that for you?


Small rugs or runners are normally very easy to wash – in the bath or even the washing machine. You should be careful about some things, though. Soap or detergent residues must be washed out completely, because they actually attract more dirt and lead also to discoloration of the carpet. Getting everything out is a tiresome task.

Large rugs, however, absorb the water and are then too heavy to be transported; the drying process takes a long time, too. If your carpet was very expensive or the stains are stubborn, seeking professional help is recommended. Our advice, at Pro Cleaners London, is to have your rugs and carpets intensively cleaned by a professionals several times a years, because more germs and dirt accumulates into dirty carpets, than expected at first glance.

When a professional carpet cleaning is completed, the carpet can be impregnated in addition. It not only strengthens the carpet material, but dirt rolls off, too, and is then easier to remove with a vacuum cleaner.

We Let Our Work Speak for Itself:

Your profits by booking a carpet cleaning with us:

  •  You determine how extensive the process is;
  •  You can book with just a couple of mouse clicks;
  •  You determine when the cleaning team should arrive;
  •  Transparent prices that are easy to calculate;
  •  You can request a non-binding free quote in advance.

The carpet cleaning booking consists of a few simple steps – just give us detailed information about the sizes, types and count of the rugs you wish to have cleaned, and our support will send you back your free quote.

About our work process:

When our cleaning teams arrive, the carpet, rug or runner are first reviewed for hard-to-remove stains and damages, upon which the appropriate cleaning method is set – dry or steam cleaning.

The carpet gets dry cleaned first, to remove coarse dirt and dust. If necessary, stubborn stains are removed or treated with detergents and a steam washer for deeper penetration into the rug fibers later.

Pro Cleaners London uses only gentle, yet effective, cleaning agents. Then, the carpets are rinsed thoroughly with water before they are dried and subjected to a final inspection.

You can calculate the cost yourself by checking our prices:

CarpetsSteam CleaningDry Cleaning
Bedroom small to 10m2£ 24£ 34
Bedroom mid 15m2 – 20m2£ 28£ 40
Bedroom 20m2 up£ 30£ 44
Dining/Living£ 30£ 48
Through lounge£ 52£ 75
By the step£ 2£ 10
Hallway£ 17£ 26
Flights stairs£ 34£ 47
Landing£ 5£ 12
Rug large£ 31£ 96
Rug small£ 17£ 72
Study/Small room£ 22£ 34
Bathroom£ 11£ 20
Toilet/WC sink£ 8£ 17
Now that you know how your carpets and rugs will be processed, do not hesitate any further and give us a call to book you appointment!

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