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After Builders Cleaning

After Builders CleaningEveryone has at least once stumbled across the term “After Builders Cleaning”. But what is that exactly and what does it actually include? Here is more information that will surely be useful to you.

When is After Builders Cleaning needed?

Much dirt accumulates during building construction, renovation and refurbishment. After completion of the work, the building is still far from being ready to move into. The only suitable step is that the building or the premises, where the works took place, be brought to a habitable state. This is where we, at Pro Cleaners London can be of assistance to you, with our After Builders Cleaning.

This service applies not only to cleaning of the building. Rather, the instructed cleaners should examine the spaces for any construction defects. In many cases, these defects are only visible after the After Builders Cleaning. In order to have the object in perfect condition after the completion, the cleaning company should inform the client about any defects.

What gets cleaned exactly?

If the structure works are completed, the building must be cleared of structure waste, debris and dirt, which are unavoidably left behind by the contractors. Depending on the extent of construction work, the After Builders Cleaning service team will remove adhesive tape and labels on sanitary furnishings, brush the floors and wall tiles of dust and cement residues and coarse dirt on heaters, doors, frames and other objects. Also, to bring the building to a completely finished state, a fine construction cleaning should be performed.

What is the difference between a coarse and fine construction cleaning?

In the field of After Builders Cleaning, there is a specific distinction between the notions of coarse and fine building cleaning. What is the difference here? Below we explain how these features are different.

After Builders CleaningThe coarse cleaning takes place while the building is still in its building phase. The cleaning company removes coarse cleaning development debris, packing materials and rough dirt during the development. One point to it is to relieve and help the working crew as a result and on the other hand, thanks to the immediate coarse cleaning of the site, structure defects can be detected right away. Typically, the coarse construction cleaning is performed when work is completed and the building site is forwarded to the craftsmen.

Fine Construction Cleaning

Usually the fine construction cleaning follows the completion of the building. After that it is brought into a ready-to-move-in state. Pro Cleaners London will remove all pollution caused by construction work during the fine cleaning. This includes the dirt that has been left behind by the craftsmen, as well as color and paint splashes, cement residue or labels and adhesive tape. In addition, construction dust and excess sand are removed thoroughly and the building – left in an optimal condition. Upon request, we will gladly take over also the treatment of floor coverings.

The fine after builders cleaning should be performed by an experienced cleaning company. If incorrect cleaning agents are used or incorrect methods applied, defects can occur.

If you are a homeowner and would like to get the best price for your buildings, you can only achieve this by presenting them in perfect condition, which would seem inviting for an immediate move-in. At Pro Cleaners London, we will be happy to help you achieve this aim – just call us and give us the details.

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